Thursday, February 24, 2011

400 miles over-due...

Yesterday I changed the oil in our car. It was the first time I'd done that. I change the oil in the van and Dad's truck a lot but never in the car until yesterday. It took FOREVER!!! I have been thinking over what I did yesterday and how I can do it better, and I have resolved to cut the time it took me by 4/5 the next time I need an oil change. Does anyone else enjoy changing oil, mowing lawns, whacking weeds (and yes with a weedwhacker LOL), shoveling snow, or any of the plethora of other tasks that our current society views as a hassle? I love doing all those and more!!!

Today I spent the majority of my time with my Dad learning how to use a new house drawing software program that he recently purchased. It was a lot of fun. We read through the blueprints of the first house that we built and drew it up on there. Guess what?!? It didn't have a flat-screen tv (or ANY kind of tv for that matter!!!) in the list of decorations for your house! It was also missing such necessities as bookshelves, cars for your garage, nightstand lamps (they had nightstands though), and other stuff that I can't recall at the moment. I had a lot of fun. They also didn't have *wait for it* GUITARS!!! OR GUITAR STANDS WITH GUITARS ON THEM!!! How sad.

Tomorrow is square dancing night!!! I can't wait! It is so much fun. Do any of my followers/occasional viewers square dance? Would anyone like to learn?

Well, until next time, toodles.


  1. Well, allot of people view cooking as a hassle...not me!!! I love to cook and I even enjoy cleaing the kitchen lol!
    OOOO! Square dancing! I have not done square dancing, but I do do barn/line dancing. I don't get to do it much though because I don't know anyone else who likes to do it. At least not people that I see often.

    And no guitars!? That would be a sad, sad house! lol.

    What style do you play guitar?

    (from the Rebelution)

  2. I love to cook as well. As for my style of guitar, I don't really have just one. I do a lot of finger picking and a lot of strumming. I'm starting to get into slides a little bit. I don't remember if I said anywhere on here that I have been playing the guitar for a year, but that's not quite true. I looked it over, and I started playing mid-June of 2010. So a few months shy of a year. Do you play guitar, Anna?

  3. Yes, I do! And I love it! I play bluegrass. My favorite one to play is Clinch Mountain Backstep (you should look it up on youtube or something, it's a super song). I do slides, hammer-ons and different things like that. I also sing with the guitar. I would like to start playing some celtic, but my teacher is soooo bluegrass lol.
    Do you go somewhere to take lessons?

  4. No I don't go anywhere to take lessons. I have taught myself everything I know so far. I can't read guitar sheet music yet, but I know a few chords and I know the names of all of them. I like singing with the guitar too. I play a lot of country music, songs that I grew up listening to and I already know all the words, so all I have to do is learn the guitar part. It's really fun.

    Celtic music sounds really great. I would love the chance to be able to learn some. Do you play the really really fast bluegrass? I love how that stuff sounds!