Friday, December 30, 2011

Can God really be erased from society?

Face it, people. There are references to God everywhere you look. People are always searching for happiness, for peace. That's a search for God. God cannot be erased. You hear or read phrases like "mass exodus", "Armageddon", "God help us", references to Moses or Cain and Able or a messiah or Saviour. Do you people not see? You yearn for Christ, yet rebel against Him. Why? Because you have to repent of your worldly sins and live a selfless life? You don't see that He is the only thing that'll fill that empty hole within you. I realize that this is God's will, but I am saddened that you are blinded. Saddened that you do not see. That you do not believe. I will continue to pray for you all.

So, how was everyone's fall, beginning of winter and Christmas? You can leave an explanation in the comments if you want to. I've been pretty good. Some notable events since my last post have been my appendix rupturing, a baby sister being born, I turned 19, my "older" sister got her license (if you read my "About me" thing then you know that my twin sister is a mere 9 minutes older than me), I haven't been snowboarding yet (I know, how am I yet living??????), I have made up a couple of things on the guitar (I'll find the links and post them in a comment), and pretty much been living. Of course I've been reading my scriptures and praying as well.

You've heard the saying "God never gives you more than you can handle" right? Well, I talked with my uncle and Dad about this a couple of weeks ago and I've been thinking over what they said. I decided I'll share it with you. God does give us more than we can handle. He does this so that we are left with only one place to go. As Abraham Lincoln said, we go to our knees. He gives us more than we can handle so that we realize that we need Him. We can't make it on our own. God is our refuge and our strength, a present help in our distress. We cannot be our own refuge; we have no strength. This is especially hard for us guys. It's a humbling realization, yet so easily forgotten it seems.

Well, gotta run. Hope you're all doing well. Lord bless.