Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adam and Hezekiah

This morning Adam and Hezekiah, my two littlest brothers (Adam is three and Hezekiah one), were in the kitchen together. Hezekiah would point to a random object (the dishwasher, then a cup, then a cabinet and so on) and Adam would tell him the name of each one. They did this for half an hour while I was doing the dishes. It was the cutest thing!!! I really need to get some pictures on here... (Hey Blogger, if you're listening, make an iPhone app so I can post pictures on my blog from my iPod touch. Thanks very much).

In Christ,



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  2. So cute! I remember when my littlest sister, Naomi, learned how to put things in a basket...she did it alll day! I think she was about one.
    My nephew is one and is learning to talk now. I love little kids, they can be so funny sometimes!