Monday, August 4, 2014


Patience is a part of life. We wait in lines, we wait for our computers to boot up, we wait for our layover flights, we wait for our tires to be changed, we wait for responses to job applications, we wait for test results, we wait for our food in restaurants, we wait in construction traffic. In all of these things we always seem to tell our comrades that it shouldn't take so long, that people should be quicker and more diligent and more efficient so that we get what we want in a shorter amount of time. We as a society, as a sinful fallen human race, always want to be first and most important. In our digital age, we want everything immediately. What if we sat back and truly looked at our lives objectively? What if we stopped complaining and started looking for ways to appreciate everything? Everything means everything. Every. Little. Thing. Period. Appreciate it all. Maybe being stuck in traffic gives you half an hour to chat with your friend riding along with you, half an hour to just catch up, reminisce, laugh and develop your relationship a little more. When it takes an extra 20 minutes to get your food, remember why you went out to lunch with the person that you're with: because you wanted to devote a portion of your day to that person. Do you want to waste it complaining or do you want to use your time and be fruitful? More important, think about it selflessly. The person that you're with thought you important enough to spend that portion of the day with. Don't waste their time!! Put it to good use! The Bible says that longsuffering is a fruit of the spirit. When you have a few minutes, utilize it wisely!! Call your grandma! Read a newspaper article! Pray for a friend! Put your phone down and actually talk to a person face to face! Go mow your elderly neighbor lady's lawn. Read a few pages in a book! Make a to-do list! Be productive! Spend an hour less on your video games this week and ride your bike for that hour (bicycling gets addicting, let me tell you!). Go on a walk. Look at the stars. Look at the moon. Look at the sunset. Thank God for where He has you. Don't just live in your life. LIVE YOUR LIFE!! Pray, give, laugh, love, hope, look for the good in everyone. Follow God with your whole self.

Thanks for reading. Lord bless. I look forward to your comments :-)

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